Saturday, 5 November 2011

What's up with Posh?

Right! Let me talk about a few other FAQs I have been receiving since I announced the imminent opening of (PBK)
A popular one is 'So what happens to in the UK?' - well, my answer to that is nothing really...haha! On a serious note though - PPP UK is still going strong, we are still accepting bookings and throwing poshparties still, so please do call, mail or ping with your enquires or bookings.

Another FAQ is 'What are you doing with PPP in Lagos now that you have the nursery?' This is a good one, a lot my personal attention has been diverted to getting the nursery up and running (and we are almost there, I can smell it! Whoo hooo!) however PPP are still open for business in Lagos. All our equipment and machines have now arrived from the UK. My beloved balloons (haha) and themed party ware have now cleared through customs (permission to pray or curse custom officials! Grrr! I will tell you about them in another blog).

As I was saying before being rudely interrupted by the thoughts of custom officials and the exorbitant costs and painful processes I had to go through to get my stuff (God bless my dad).....we now have at PoshPartyPacks, lovely themed balloon decor - from Princess to Ben 10, Hannah Montana to High School Musical amongst others. All with matching table covers et al.
Also available are our 'ginormous' bouncy castles for your posh kids, ice cream for all to enjoy, slush puppies, popcorn, crepes, nachos, candy floss and all that good stuff. A lot of these are available to hire out prior to the completion of our party centre (I will give you full info about the centre in another blog. Can't tell you everything all at once or should I?) sigh!

For those who are looking for party bag items, costumes or fancy stuff for the kids - these are also a phone call or BB away, prior to the PPP store opening.

So you see there is a lot in store for you to keep the posh little ones happy.

For all your exclusive party needs and Christmas plans for the children- we are waiting to hear from you.

I am thinking now - should I throw in another FAQ or give you a break and I am inclined to go for the latter so your posh little eyes can take a break.

Thanks for reading my blog; I thank you for your time and interest. You are just great.

Till I blog again and till you read again, stay posh and please keep connected.

Ronke Posh
Mobile NG: 08125528442
Mobile UK: 07961627106
BBM: 27011161

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