Thursday, 3 November 2011

That Posh New Nursery in Parkview Estate, Lagos. Nigeria.....

Thanks for stopping by to read my first blog about the lovely nursery that are setting up in Parkview Estate, Lagos. Nigeria.....

I (Ronke or Posh), came to Lagos a couple of weeks ago to complete the 3 year vision, I have had this vision for quite a while now and have worked pretty hard to get to this position. In all of it, God has been my back bone and my family have been super fabulous. I am eternally grateful.

Thanks to all those who have shown an interest, those who pray for us, those who support us and to those who spread the word. You are all very much appreciated.

I decided to start blogging about the nursery and those posh new developments in Nigeria as I recieve questions from several people from different media be it FB, BB, phone calls etc regarding our services and what we will be offerring, when  will we open etc. I also promised  a couple of colleagues to keep them updated and I haven't been that great with my comms as I have been so busy with the set up. Apologies, I promise to be a better girl now :-)

Working hard to throw beautiful parties in the UK on a week on week basis and then settling down behind the scenes to think about the nursery, do some research, training, shopping and reciving consultancy from a few nursery managers in the UK has been quite challenging but thankfully the nursery (albeit not open yet) is proud of so many state of the art facilities - be it our bespoke furniture to books, miscellaneous toys, our school bus, charts, mats, visual aids, computers etc - we will be totally proud to show off these facilities when we have our open day in a few weeks. Please remember us in your thoughts and prayers.

We now have a lovely website with useful information ( - which you can also visit. It will evolve and include more fanatastic pictures of the nursery we are so proud of in a couple of weeks. Please let me know if you have any comments or constructive criticism.

I look forward to hearing from you and blogging again. Till I blog again and till you read again...stay absolutely Posh :-)


  1. A big well done to you Ronke, I do not know you personally but I'm a lover of success and progress through hard work and sacrifice, so well done. As you mentioned, I will deffo keep you in prayer. All the best. Kafy S

  2. Many thanks Kafee, you are a star! God bless you :-)

  3. Congratulations Ronke & the Posh team. I love that you mentioned that you had a VISION and worked hard to see it manifest. You are an inspiration. I wish you great success as you launch.
    xoxo Olayinka A

  4. Thanks so much Olayinka - much much appreciated. Wishing you well with all you do! God bless you richly!

  5. It takes great Mind to achieve greatness. I appreciate your great Vision and the good Lord that gave you such wonderful Vision will will perfect all that concerned it. The Lord is your strength.
    Mr. Tim

  6. Amen> Thank you. I wish you the same.